Core service rebrand

May 2020 June 2020
Website, UI and Illustrations
After the rebrand our main focus was to optimise the Energy Switching Journey, our core service and thanks to which our customers loyally engage with us.
Above: First step of the switching process — mobile and desktop viewport.

We had already spent a valuable amount of time in making the process mobile friendly — uSwitch (note the former spelling) mobile first — now it was the time to tie it in with our new brand's proposition.

The Energy Switching Journey was and is a well oiled process, which existing and new customers find very easy to follow all the way through completion. This proved a great exercise, as it enbaled us to test the applicability of our new Design System and to amend or rethink those assets that proved complicated and fiddlely to use.

Thanks to all this exiciting work, we are now in the process of expanding and applying the Design System to other of our inhouse brands.

Above: Some steps of the switching process — desktop and tablet viewport.
Above: 3 main steps of the switching process — mobile viewport.